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How To Raise Awareness for a Cause

Judie Stilman August 1, 2022

You you’re passionate about change and you want to raise awareness a cause. The problem is that, no matter what you do, nobody seems to be listening. 

Figuring out how to raise awareness for a cause takes time. While some people make it look easy (i.e., they go viral on social media), others struggle for years to get people to pay attention.

Today, we’re going to talk about actions you can take that really do make a difference.


Why Is It Important to Raise Awareness?

Learning how to raise awareness for mental health, breast cancer, human trafficking, or any social issue, is how you influence change. 

Those who are willing to raise awareness are the ones who help us progress as a society. We’ve been standing up for what we believe in since the Boston Tea Party. Where would we be today without the voices from the Civil Rights Movement, the Women’s March, Earth Day, and the Black Lives Matter rallies? 

Whether they are protests, marches, or signed petitions, these movements initiate change or at the very least start a conversation. Raising awareness helps further education, encourages new ways of thinking, and promotes accountability for those who may not be aware of pressing issues in our society. 


How To Raise Awareness for a Cause in 4 Steps

Brainstorm Ideas for sharing your message

Although every cause has a different agenda, there’s a simple formula that any person or organization can use as building blocks for raising awareness. 

We’ve created these four steps as a starting point for new organizations or individuals who are passionate about a cause or charity. Here’s where to start:

Step 1: Define your message

The message for your cause should be easy to remember and easy to repeat. Here’s a MadLib structure you can use to help you come up with the first draft:

[Cause Name] is dedicated to helping [person/group/message] by [working with decision makers/raising money/educating society].

Step 2: Know your audience

Make sure your message is relatable to your audience

Naturally, you want everyone to recognize and care about your cause. But, as you may be well aware, it’s not that simple. 

So start by defining your ideal audience. Break it down to a single person to really make an impact. For example, suppose you’re advocating for mental health awareness. In that case, maybe your ideal target audience is a 22-year-old woman who has a high school education, works a 9-5, and has PTSD. Give this woman a name, outline her backstory, her style — everything.

This is the person you’re going to direct all of your communication to. 

Once you know your audience, you will resonate with the right group of people. From there, your target audience can help spread your (easily repeatable) message through word-of-mouth. 

Step 3: Build your base

By “base,” we mean to go digital. Make a website, claim your name on every social media channel, and start creating content. 

Spreading digital awareness is effective. There’s no denying that. With  3.96 billion total social media users across all platforms, you can’t afford to neglect this resource. 

From working with influential people (online creators, celebrities, or politicians) to creating blogs and videos, this is a must for anyone learning how to raise awareness for a cause.

Step 4: Educate or Entertain

Video is a powerful tool for raising awareness

When it comes to digital content, you want to educate or entertain if you’re going to get attention. You can educate through:

  • Blogs or videos: Create step-by-step blogs or videos for those who are interested in your cause. Think of catchy headlines you can use. For example, if you want to raise awareness for mental health, create headlines such as “5 Ways To Talk To Your Parents About Mental Health” or “How To Stop a Panic Attack.”
  • Local meetups: Educate locally by hosting an event at schools, houses of worship, or your local Chamber of Commerce. Organizing an event or volunteer opportunities can also help.

However, if you want your cause to garner national recognition, creating entertaining content is an effective way to get everyone involved. You can entertain by:

  1. Storytelling:  Reach out to influencers who relate to your cause or message. Ask them to share their story through a video or an interview. Storytelling is the #1 strategy to get people to listen and care. Use it!
  2. Create a Challenge: Remember the ALS Bucket Challenge? This is a prime example of getting the everyday person to raise awareness for a less “popular” medical condition. There’s power in numbers, so creating a challenge that anyone can participate in can make all the difference.
  3. Sell Something: Raising money for a cause is simple if you give the people what they want: stuff! Creating a generic design that anyone can buy is a great way to raise money for your cause. Plus, you’ll be passively promoting it by incorporating it into everyday wear! You can sell shirts, blankets, cups, and other types of merchandise through drop shipping companies like Printful



Any person or organization can use these four steps to raise awareness. Once people become aware of a cause, it’s more likely they will push decision-makers to take action, and that can benefit everyone!

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