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Inspired Giving

Judie Stilman November 15, 2017

“500 kids with no gifts. Not on my watch. Nobody gets to cancel Christmas!” That was the response from Coin Up Nonprofit Coordinator, Paulette Britton, when she heard that a Christmas party for disabled kids at Camp Pendleton was going to be canceled because their funding fell through. Paulette mobilized people at her church, at National Charity League, and more folks in Rancho Santa Fe, California to collect gifts for 500 kids in just two weeks. As Paulette says, “Giving and serving is just an awesome thing!”

I don’t know about you, but that’s someone I want to know better. Here’s a brief interview that explains just some of the reasons Paulette inspires all of us at Coin Up.

Judie Stillman: Tell me about yourself.

Paulette Britton:  I’m originally from Texas, all my family is there. I live in the San Diego County area with my husband Brad and two kids, Madison and Sam. I love to learn, work with my hands, travel and write. But most of all, I love being with family, good iced tea, and chocolate.

When did you start giving back?

I was raised to serve. It wasn’t an event; it was a way of life. And there wasn’t a focus on helping non-profits. If there was a need in our church, school, with family or friends, we met it. And when I say “we,” I mean the people in my family and community.

What role does giving back play in your life?

I have a “need radar.” It’s probably because I was raised to see the needs of others in my day to day life. So, giving back or seeing need is something I gravitate toward. Sometimes I’m involved in big galas or maybe I’m helping a single mom provide for her kids – and every measure in between. Serving is my heart.

What causes do you care most about? 

I have a son with autism and I spend a lot of time in that world. The organizations that have served us best as a family have been TACA, ASA-San Diego and Autism One. I’m a member of Rotary International, and my women’s group at church serve people who are homeless and the Exceptional Families on Camp Pendleton. My current passion project is advancing promising autism research at UCSD with a $30 million price tag. (Lots of coins!)

How did you become involved with Coin Up?

Coin Up found me and I knew I wanted to be involved in helping non-profits, especially smaller ones, use technology to attract a broader giving base. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with such cutting-edge technology and passionate people in this social impact space.

Thanks, Paulette! We’re honored to have you on our team!


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