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CEO Message for 2018

Leena Patidar January 16, 2018

Coin Up is thrilled to start out 2018 with you!

As we look back at just over one year since we went live on Apple, we’ve make some important strides that have made a significant difference for our customers.  Most importantly, we continue to build a mobile app business that is based on best practices, transparency, and trust.

As the world is experiencing, authenticity is vital and integrity is the foundation for sustainability. This is especially true in the world of philanthropy.  Donors are searching for the charities that move them, but that also maintain authenticity as an organization. Donors have the whole world at their finger tips to research, clarify, and validate their choices.  As a strategy consultant, I say make it easy for them to learn about you. Get your 990’s filed, see if your organization can improve its ratings on Charity Navigator (or ask them to rate you), and keep information as current as possible on Guidestar.  These actions take very little effort, however they are highly qualifiying metrics that donors use to assess which nonprofit to align with.

Recently, one of our nonprofits said  “We tried other platforms that did not work for us, so we decided that we would rather partner with (Coin Up), a more established round up app that has a stronger user experience and proven track record.”  That statement meant the world to us –  these are core values that drive us and what we strive to project in the marketplace.

Our goal was to create a simple fundraising mechanism for you to realize a steady monthly revenue stream that allows you to budget  for your missions, instead of worrying about fundraising at every turn. We envision communities that are going about their everyday life, while accumulating spare change for their charities, seamlessly. The net result of raising $20 per month (our current average) from your 10, 100, 1000, or 10,000 donors (depending on the size of your organization) is $200, $2000, $20,000 or $200,000 per month!

Attracting new donors does take a little effort, but we hope to make it easier by providing you with our 90 Day Marketing Tool Kit -including email blasts, social media posts, and other collateral that allows you to simply copy, customize and paste!

As we step into the new year, we bring with us all that we have learned, almost 200 national and local nonprofits, and over $25,000 in donations.  We are excited to continue offering unique opportunities to you, through new retail programs, strategic partnerships, and other channels to amplify your messages for additional revenue streams. Coin Up is constantly innovating to see how we can bring you the best of leading edge experiences, particularly in the digital and social media realms.

Wishing you a new year filled with authenticity for yourself, success for your missions, and progress for our communities!

Leena Patidar

CEO/Founder, Coin Up

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