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Retail Partnership Program

Judie Stilman December 17, 2017

Coin Up is thrilled to announce our new Retail Partnership Program to generate more revenue for you, our nonprofit partners! In addition to increasing consumer awareness about Coin Up, our retailers are giving back to our charities through our innovative program. The social media post below illustrates how the cross promotion program works. For full details…  Read more

Our first retail partner is Vanity Planet, an e-commerce seller of cruelty free beauty supplies and tools. The company has created an inspiring campaign titled “Girl Power” to reach their target audience, young women & moms. In November, VP offered customers 20% off their entire purchase with the code “COINUP20”. At the end of the month, they donated 20% of their proceeds to their chosen Coin Up charity, EmpowHer Institute, a nonprofit dedicated to mentoring marginalized teen girls. Retailers may select a new charity each month. This month, VP picked March of Dimes supporting healthy babies. Charities help drive the fundraiser by sharing the discount shopping code with their supporters, which in turn increases sales and donations. Good for customers, good for nonprofits, and good for business! Pretty awesome!

Also joining this month BiGR Audio, with more retailers coming onboard in 2018! If you’re interested in participating, send us an email (hollerback@coinupapp.com) saying you would like take part in our Retail Partnership Program. Your only comittment is to spread the word about the retailer discount code with your supporters. We’ll reach out to you as opportunities become available.


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