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March of Dimes Embraces the Future of Giving

Judie Stilman April 9, 2018

March of Dimes, the nonprofit founded in 1938 by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, made history by collecting pennies, nickels and dimes that resulted in the eradication of polio. Eighty years later, marchofdimes.org continues the fight against all birth defects, premature birth, and infant mortality with the latest technology in fundraising.

Looking to embrace the future of giving, March of Dimes recently partnered with Coin Up, so their donors can “round up and donate” everyday bank card transactions with this innovative mobile app. “Set it and forget it” is one way to describe the simplicity of Coin Up but that’s not to say that donors are forgotten. Regular updates are sent to each donor showing the real impact they are making, plus they get a yearly tax donation receipt, which further connects them to their cause and its community.

March of Dimes is also strategically integrating Coin Up into their other fundraising campaigns, including the annual “March for Babies” walks, to enable donor support for healthy moms and babies all year long.

Inspired by the original March of Dimes “spare change in a jar” concept, the idea behind Coin Up is simple; when thousands of people come together with their spare change, it adds up to millions of dollars that can save lives, and possibly change the world – a fact that March of Dimes has experienced firsthand. By aligning with Coin Up, March of Dimes reinvents its legacy for the next generation and beyond.

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