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5 Simple Steps to Coin Up Success

Judie Stilman January 16, 2018

January is the perfect time to  start planning for the new year. Here’s a checklist to help bring on new Coin Up donors and recurring revenue in 2018. You are the best influencer for your organization. Donors need to hear about Coin Up from us and from you for them to become engaged.

  1. Make sure the Coin Up logo and download button are easy to find on your website. It communicates trust to donors. You can even add the link to our explainer video  https://vimeo.com/222545078  .
  2. Get 5 board members or more (executive staff and volunteers included) to register with Coin Up to experience the ease and benefits of the app. Your word of mouth is the best influence.
  3. Incorporate Coin Up into upcoming events. Contact your Coin Up Team Member or Login to your Coin Up Nonprofit portal for our event tool kit and collateral.
  4. Include a Coin Up related post in your social media channels at least once a week. Build awareness by keeping Coin Up visible on multiple platforms.
  5. Include Coin Up in your newsletter, or use one of our donor email templates to create a custom email blast to your database – you could even segment your database to address those who have donated less than $100 , or who have attended events or volunteered but not donated.

We’re always creating new content and tools for donor outreach. If you have an idea for new ways to engage Coin Up donors for your charity or if you have a specific need please let us know! hollerback@coinupapp.com

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